Real Estate Tech Startup - Perfect Property

I really appreciate all your efforts on this project, the feedback on the platform has been amazing.
Laura, Founder - Perfect Property

Startup Product Overview

Perfect Property is a real estate listing platform which focuses on County Dublin and Dublin City in Ireland.

Please note: the application is hosted in an AWS datacenter in Dublin and is optimised for the Irish market. If viweing the site in another country please expect slower page load times.

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Offering a modern experience and unique search and filtering functionality Real Estate agents in Dublin can list properties for sale or for rent. Buyers and renters can search the listings in a user freindly way.

The website offers unique features to this market like hidden gems, a 'whats nearby' feature as well as a feature called Perfect Room which enables the purchaser to view 3D renderings showing the potential in a property.

The application also has an Agent Finder feature to locate estate agents, who have signed up on Perfect Property, in specific areas.

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website homepage
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Startup Services

Our startup application development services included:

  • Prototyping
  • React development
  • Python / Django development
  • AWS infrastructure and devops
  • API Development

Technologies Used

The technologies used to develop this startup include:

  • Python / Django
  • React, GraphQL, Relay
  • AWS - Amazon Web Services (Lambda, SES, RDS, S3, API Gateway)
  • Stripe API for payments
  • HelloSign API for document signing in the browser
  • Intercom API for marketing automation and user analytics
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