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The relationship that we have built with Shaun and his team has enabled us to deliver on the promises we make to our customers.  Most importantly, we've found them to always be genuine and professional and they've added significant value to our business through their consultative and holistic approach.
Chris Goulas, Founder - The Referral Well

Launch Lab

Launch Lab is a web app development company that works with startups and established companies in Sydney, Canberra and throughout Australia.

We offer React development, web design, startup application development, mobile app development, chatbot development and Python / Django web development services.

We write clean and efficient code that is robust and scalable and are trusted by bootstrapped startups and some of the biggest brands in Australia.

We’re not just web designers and web app developers though. Everything we do is backed by strategy to launch websites, and mobile apps, that are as powerful technically as they are from a marketing perspective. We’re also owner driven with a senior member of the team being involved in every digital project we take on.

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We help entrepreneurs and businesses with:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Front-end Web Development (React and Vue.js)
  • Back-end Web Development (Python / Django)
  • Hosting & Devops / Systems Administration (AWS, Docker, Deis, Kubernetes, Serverless)


We're a hands on team with the founders of Launch Lab working directly on all projects.

Shaun Symm
Shaun Symm, Managing Director

Shaun sold his shares in an advertising agency in 2008 to focus on digital full time. He now assists Launch Lab clients with digital & business strategy, project management, growth marketing, web design and frontend web development.

Shaun has worked with multiple startups, Government as well as brands like Telstra, Aussie Home Loans, Nurofen, Microsoft and Nissan.

Shaun holds 2 bachelor degrees (Sports Science and Marketing Management) and has a strong belief in continual learning regularly completing courses in user experience (UX), agile project management, web development, growth hacking and marketing strategy.

David Pretty
David Pretty, Chief Technical Officer

David is a web application and mobile app developer. David has a PhD in Nuclear Fusion from Australian National University and has developed complex academic solutions through to software for startups and business websites.

David has vast experience in data science and data visualisation and is an avid follower of web development and digital strategy podcasts.

Some of the technologies David works with include Python / Django, React.js, Docker, Deis, AWS.

Questions we are often asked

There are a few questions which keep popping up. Hopefully the answers below will give you a better insight in to how we work.

What does a website or application cost?

We’re often asked this question by smaller companies and startups. Generally we don’t charge by the hour. We work on project fees as the nature of our projects means that they are rarely completed in ‘hours’. The best way to judge the value you’ll receive from working with us is to contact us. If you have a project you’d like to discuss we’d be happy to meet and provide a cost estimate.

How long does it take to develop a website?

Well, it depends. Ok, so that’s not the answer you wanted but keep in mind that all web and app development projects are different. They all have different features and requirements. To give you a better idea here are a few project examples and the usual time frames:

  • Landing page (sales page) development for a leading Australian Brand: 1 week. Includes development and testing
  • Brochure websites: these are websites where the functionality is simple page navigation and probably a contact form. Essentially a marketing website that doesn’t require user logins. 3 - 4 weeks
  • Business websites with CMS: 6 - 8 weeks
  • Startups: Startups usually have user logins, payment gateways and other custom features. 8 weeks+
  • App development: This really depends on features and whether the app requires a custom cloud backend and whether both iOS and Android apps are required. 10 weeks+

What is your process?

There’s nothing fancy here, but what you’ll find is we stick to our process closely to deliver projects on time and on budget. That means a collaborative and iterative process that delivers great results. Our process includes:

  • Initial project scoping and cost estimate
  • Functional specifications and wireframes are written and created
  • Web design is done based on approved wireframes
  • Web development and server setup is done based on approved functional specification. Our methodology is test driven development ensuring a smoother UAT process
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Go live
  • 30 day bug fixing warranty
  • Ongoing management (optional)

Where is the work done?

All the work we do is completed in Sydney and Canberra. We don’t offshore any of our work.

Can you help me find investors for my startup?

We can introduce you to angel investors that we have relationships with should your concept fit with their investment strategies. We can also assist preparing pitch presentations and pitch training. We are currently in discussion with other Angel and Venture Capital investors to see how we can further assist our startups in this regard.

What type of websites do you develop?

The majority of our work is developing applications for startups (both web and mobile apps) as well as custom content management systems for companies. We always listen to your needs first and will help guide you through the best solution. For example, if you need a brochure website that you won’t be updating regularly then you probably don’t need a content management system. In that case we would create a static website for you using a tool called Jekyll. Over the years we’ve also developed viral loop solutions, online competitions, Facebook apps and more.

What technologies do you use?

Most of the work is application development using React.js and Python / Django. We host using Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can read more about the technology we use to build startups.

Do you take equity in the startups you work with?

Our preference is to only take equity in a startup if we have a deep understanding of the market (domain experience) and the problem that is being solved. However, we'll break this rule for something exceptional that gets us excited. Our domain experience includes digital marketing, advertising, web development, design, big data, data science and data visualisation.

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