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We use Python, Tensorflow, ML and data science to solve business problems.

Machine Learning

Why Launch Lab

You'll work directly with senior Australian data scientists in Sydney or Canberra.
There's no red tape and no big 4 consulting fees. We're personal, agile and 100% local.

ML Models & Applications

Launch Lab develops ML models and applications using Google's Tensorflow.

If you're a data rich organisation we'd love to discuss how machine learning and artificial intelligence can deliver insights and results for your business.

If you're a startup (post revenue with validation) and want to be AI-ready talk to us.

Chatbots & Voice Applications

We leverage Google's AI (Dialogflow) and AWS' AI to develop chatbots and voice applications.

Whether you want to deliver a better user experience by adding a bot to your website or social channels or open a new distribution channel and consumer touch point with a Google Action or Alexa Skill (voice app) contact us.

Launch Lab were a pleasure to work with, extremely competent and have provided a great outcome for this project. Project delivery was professional, efficient and effective.
City of Sydney
David Pretty

Meet Dave. Our CTO and Data Science Phd.

Based in Canberra, Dave leads our machine learning and data science projects. He has vast experience in data science and data visualisation and will work with you closely throughout your project.

ML Case Study

In a recent project for an Australian biotech company, we built a machine learning model for ranking molecular structures for drug candidate viability.

Building on our 16 years of experience with machine learning with Python, we used TensorFlow along with the state-of-the-art TF-Ranking library, based on academic research published in the last 12 months.

The neural network was trained on an extensive dataset provided by our client. The model has now been put to work, successfully ranking drug candidates from molecular structures unlike any in the training dataset.

Machine Learning Estimates

We'd love to discuss how we can assist with your next ML, AI or data science project.