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Sydney & Canberra

Launch Lab offers frontend & backend application development in Australia. Contact us to hire React.js developers.

Frontend development

We’re a highly experienced 100% local web and app development team.

Launch Lab offers web and application development services to startups and established companies using React.js (or Vue.js), React Native, Python / Django and AWS Infrastructure.

We've developed multiple startup web applications, and corporate apps, using React with:

  • Webpack
  • Redux
  • Relay
  • Mobx
  • Apollo
  • Typescript
  • GraphQL

We also offer related services including web design, backend development, chatbot development, devops and AWS Hosting & Infrastructure management. And, if you're looking for blazing fast websites we're experienced Gatsby developers.

If you are looking for React developers in Australia, all of our work in done onshore by our experienced Javascript developers.

Are you a React developer? Look at our React Jobs page.

Recent React and Vue Projects

Here are some of the web applications we've recently developed using either React.js or Vue.js:

Aussie Homeloans logo
Woman listening to Google Home Action
City of Sydney logo
Halogen Health icon - a healthtech startup
Tradie from United Tradies
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