React.js Development:
Health Tech Case Study

Adding React to existing software

Most of the work we do requires a full solution from product design to frontend development, backend development and devops using React, Python / Django and Amazon Web Services.

And, most of the application development projects we work on (regardless of it being for corporates, government or startups) are new projects where we're involved from the planning stages through to completion.

The development of the Health Tech product Proasis4, for Desert Scientific Software, was different. Proasis3 was already in market and was an established product that had been in use for some time.

Our brief was to rebuild the frontend using the popular React.js Javascript library. Technologies used include:

  • React
  • Redux

We also made use of 3DMol, a Javascript library for visualising molecular data, and during development contributed code to this open source project.

screen grab of react.js development project showing a ligand structure

Proasis4 helps medical research teams to contribute to structure activity analysis, contribute to ligand design and to focus on evidence based approaches to drug discovery. You can read more about the product on the DesertSci website.

You can see other web application development projects including startup application development, corporate websites and more in our portfolio.

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