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Everyone has loved the site. They have all commented on how professional it looks and feels. They said they can see a lot of thought and effort has gone into this. Credit goes to you guys for helping us put this together! Congratulations and well done!
Simmi Singh, Founder - The Crimson Bride
Shaun Symm

Launch Lab has helped build all types of startups for Australian founders. We have the experience and know how to help develop your product and get it in market.


Startup web application developers

We develop web and mobile applications as well as chatbots, using React and Django. We also advise startups on what features to launch with, marketing strategy for launch and how to find financially viable marketing channels, startup marketing & growth hacking as well as overall digital strategy.

Our methodology is lean. If you are bootstrapping a startup (i.e.: paying for it from your own savings) we’ll help you with a strategy to find product/market fit in the quickest and cheapest way possible. If you’ve already validated your concept and are ready to go into full development then you’re also in the right place.

We have experience with marketplace startups, a market research startup, a social networking app, pure Saas startups as well as experience in data science (big data) and established industries where we’ve completed work for large household name brands and Government.

We believe in mutually beneficial relationships. If your startup is a success it usually means more work for us in future so your success means the world to us … plus it makes us feel good too.

Recent Web Development Projects

Here are some recent startups, and corporate clients, that Launch Lab has worked with

The Crimson Bride
Orby Education
Everyday English
NSW Government

How we can help your startup

First and foremost we're web designers and web developers, but our expertise means we can offer advice on other key areas in your new online business.


Finding product/market fit is difficult. We’ll help you determine which features to develop first as well as ways to validate your concept. We can also assist with your marketing strategy and help determine financially viable marketing channels.


We have experience in advertising, marketing, business strategy and of course the technical requirements of a startup. We have hands on experience starting, and exiting, businesses too so we can offer advice on what to expect.

Web Design & Development

We design easy-to-use websites and develop web applications using Python / Django. We use our own framework specially made for startups with technologies to give you the right foundations to scale rapidly.

Mobile App Development

We develop native iOS and Android apps as well as Hybrid apps using React Native. Our apps can be cloud-integrated or stand-alone.

Ongoing Support

Startups have to act quickly. If you require ongoing technical or strategic support rest assured that we’re highly responsive.

Pitch Preparation

Do you have traction and want to grow rapidly? We’ll help you prepare and refine your investor pitch.

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