Startup Marketing: Attract and Acquire
Customers at a Profitable Margin

Shaun Symm

I'll help you develop and implement strategies to acquire and convert customers.
Together we’ll quickly figure out how we can help your startup grow.


Measurable Marketing Solutions
and Growth Hacking for Startups

Without users you don’t have a startup. Without acquiring customers at a profitable margin you will fail. Launch Lab will help you create startup marketing strategies and help you implement them to help you grow and become profitable.

Our startup marketing services include:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO strategies
  • Paid online advertising and remarketing
  • A / B Testing
  • Landing page design
  • Copywriting for conversion
  • Content marketing
  • Referral campaigns
  • Retention strategies
  • Growth hack design & implementation
  • Analytics, funnels and tracking

Digital Marketing for Startups

If you are serious about growth contact us. It's obligation free.

A Deep Dive into Our Startup Growth Marketing Services

Regardless of the stage your business is at we can help. If you are at a very early stage and don’t yet have a product we’ll help develop a launch strategy and can even develop your startup for you. If your application is already live, but your team is short on startup marketing skills, we’ll help you implement actionable digital marketing smarts. And, if you really want to get clever we can develop creative growth hacks to help you boost growth.

Referral Campaigns

Building viral loops and referral options into your product is a great way to spread the word and to get your customers to do the marketing for you. We’re also developers, which means we can not only help you conceive referral opportunities but also build them into your product from day one.

Landing Page Design

Websites with more landing pages convert more traffic, simple! We’ll help you devise the right landing page strategy with the right A / B testing to deliver more conversions.

Content Marketing

We aren’t going to write all of your content for you, but we’ll help put a plan in place that is measurable and linked to your inbound marketing strategy and funnel strategy.

Growth Hacking

If you read about Growth Hacking (just Google it) you’ll know that many of the online marketing activities listed on this page fall under the banner of growth hacking.

For us these activities are digital marketing and regular communications. Real growth hacks require a bit of creative thinking. Ideas that require developing a tool to attract new users or other non-traditional methods of attracting new users to your product.

Off-Page SEO Strategies

This is the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimisation. This is what happens outside of your website and includes things like social shares of your content as well as getting other websites to link to your content (backlinks).

It’s not as easy to do as on-page SEO, but we’ll give you the all the background you need and strategies required for link building.

Copywriting for Conversion

We’re not English majors, which is a good thing. We write copy in conversational language that converts (we don’t always get it right on the first attempt but we continually test to find the right fit, just like the most successful startups do). We’ll help you to simplify your message and frame it correctly.

We’ll help to write and test headlines and body copy, for email marketing and landing pages, that converts.

Paid Advertising & Remarketing

Startups don’t have money, right? Well, depending on your market and what your startup offers you might have to test the waters of paid advertising and remarketing.

If you are unsure of what remarketing is that’s ok. We’ll explain it all and how it ties into your overall digital marketing strategy.

On-Page SEO

As the heading suggests, this is what happens on your website. It is what you can control. If we’re developing your site for you we’ll ensure everything is in the right place and indexable by Google and other search engines.

If you already have a website we’ll review it and provide feedback on what you can improve on.

Retention Strategies

If you’re paying money or investing time to acquire customers it hurts when they leave. Retaining them for longer periods is a sure fire way of increasing margins and future proofing your business.