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Launch Lab are startup web & app developers in Australia. We'll help you build the right product, with our highly experience onshore startup development team, to maximise your chances of success.

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Why Launch Lab?

We are startup web and app developers in Australia. We custom develop unique tech startup ideas using scalable robust technologies trusted by Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google.

We take care of the technical requirements of a startup (web design, web development, app development) while also guiding startup strategy, product validation and digital marketing.

We've developed websites and cloud software for recruitment marketplaces, market research platforms, Saas (Software-as-a-service) startups as well as native mobile applications. We're trusted by entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping their own startups through to large Australian & international brands.

Startup Web Developer in Sydney and Canberra

All of our web development and app development work is done in Australia. We do NOT offshore. Your startup will be developed in Australia on the same technology stack as the world's leading startups.

We Help Your Startup Get Customers

We're happy to just be web designers and developers if that's all you need, but we're entrepreneurs ourselves and have worked on multiple startups so we can assist with product management, product validation, digital marketing, and overall startup strategy.

A Full Service Startup Team

We assist our startup clients determine what product to build within the usual startup constraints of time and money. We help to validate products quickly. We prototype, we design, we develop. We also help to determine marketing and growth strategies and implement digital marketing campaigns. Our services include:

  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • Web Design
  • Growth Strategy
  • Product Roadmaps
  • Concept Validation
  • Hosting & Systems Administration
Trusted Scalable Technologies

We design and develop scalable startup applications using the same technologies as the world's most valuable companies. Some of the tools and technologies we use include Python / Django, React.js, AWS, Swift, Deis and more.

If you're unsure what these technologies are, that's ok. We offer a 'geek speak' free approach but will share the knowledge you need to run a tech startup.

Get Results - Testimonials
If you're a founder with an idea, Launch Lab should be the first place you visit. Bringing your idea to life is what they do. And it's all they do. No accountants, marketing people, secretaries. Every single dollar goes to your project - Shaun is the front end design specialist and Dave the technical specialist and data guru. We considered several Sydney web development houses before settling on Launch Lab, and have been pleased every step of the way.
George Racz, Founder & CEO - Halogen Health
I really appreciate all your efforts on this project, the feedback on the platform has been amazing.
Laura, Founder - Perfect Property
Everyone has loved the site.They have all commented on how professional it looks and feels. They said they can see a lot of thought and effort has gone into this. Credit goes to you guys for helping us put this together! Congratulations and well done!
Simmi Singh, Founder - The Crimson Bride
A great team effort to get us to this point. Very impressive. Thanks again, I'm literally beside myself with excitement and gratitude. 
Sera Awad, Founder - Photell
The relationship that we have built with Shaun and his team has enabled us to deliver on the promises we make to our customers.  Most importantly, we've found them to always be genuine and professional and they've added significant value to our business through their consultative and holistic approach.
Chris Goulas, Founder - The Referral Well