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We're excited by the next wave of apps ... bots! Launch Lab now offers chatbot development in Sydney and Canberra to Australian businesses and startups.

The rise of the chatbot and no UI movement got into full swing in 2016 and is set to explode in 2017. If you are looking for chatbots developers, or want to discuss whether your next application should have a user interface or should be a conversational bot, we'd love to chat.

Chatbot Platforms

While the rise of chatbot development heats up it is still in it's infancy. We're currently building chatbots using Python / Django running on AWS Lambda via Zappa. We've also built node.js bots with the serverless framework, and done a fair bit of work using Amazon's Lex too. If you're unsure of what that means, here are the type of chatbots and no UI platforms and ideas we're interested in:

Web-Based Bots

Does your startup need a fully designed user interface with dashboards? Or, could your homepage give your users access to a chatbot they can interact with to use your product? Maybe you work in marketing for a more established company and are considering building a chatbot for your next online competition.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

This is where no UI comes to the fore. Do you really need your own user interface or could you build a Messenger bot instead and leverage their UI? A UI that a billion people are familiar with.

Skills for Amazon Echo

With sales of over 8 million units (Jan 2017), the Amazon Echo is becoming a feature of the home. Could your users chat with Alexa to use your product? Apps on the Echo are called Skills. If you need help developing a Skill for the Amazon Echo we love to discuss your idea further.

Slack Bots

There are thousands of Slack Bots to help you be more productive. Plus, as a startup founder or provider of business services, building a Slack Bot gives you an instant distribution channel to millions of users.

SMS Bots

Another great example of an application with no user interface. Could you offer a service where users use the product not via a mobile app or a website, but via a user interface they already know and have used thousands of times ... SMS.

Email Bots

Similar to SMS bots. They offer you the opportunity to develop a product that is 'backend only' and leverages off an interface that people trust and use daily.

Application Development Services

Our full list of software and application development services include:

Responsive Web Design

Python / Django Development

React.js Development

AWS Infrastructure & Hosting

Chatbot Development

Rest API Builds

Swift iOS Development

Data Science

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