Startup Lawyers and the legal requirements startups face

By Shaun Symm, April 21, 2016
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Planning on launching a startup?

Having a great idea, a unique insight, an experienced startup development team and a good growth strategy is just part of the jigsaw puzzle. What about the legal requirements you need at each stage of the startup lifecycle?

The right legal documents for your startup

Here are some of the legal documents you might need for your new business as well as areas that startup lawyers can assist with:

  • Terms and conditions for your website or app
  • Marketplace terms and conditions if your product is a 2-sided marketplace
  • Privacy policy for your site
  • Shareholders agreements, convertible notes and other ancillary deal documents
  • IP audits and IP registration
  • Advice on business structures
  • Structuring tax efficient employee share schemes (ESS and ESOP)

10% Discount on Startup Lawyers in Sydney

Launch Lab has partnered with LegalVision to provide our clients with access to fixed-fee startup lawyers for assistance at any stage of their business.

Whether you are starting out and just need website documents like terms & conditions and a privacy policy, or are further ahead and are looking to take on investment, LegalVisions fixed-fee model and their experience working with startups makes them a good match for first time founders.

If you would like to speak to the team at LegalVision be sure to check the Launch Lab page on their website to get the 10% discount.

Too soon for a startup lawyer?

If you are at such an early stage where you simply have an idea for a startup or you have a unique insight into a problem that a technology solution could solve, speak to us.

Launch Lab help non-technical startup founders with:

  • Concept validation
  • Minimum viable products
  • Application development (web application development and iOS/Android apps)
  • Growth strategy and digital marketing

We know a good team of startup attorneys too!

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