Launching Future Home

By Shaun Symm, September 08, 2017
Modern skyscraper office building

I'd like to announce a new monthly startup newsletter we've launched called Future Home.

I'm fortunate in my work at Launch Lab that I get to work with startups in all sectors and industries. We've worked with and/or researched ideas for Edtech startups, HRtech startups, a Healthtech startup, 2-sided marketplaces, Government, financial services companies, a scientific software company, a construction tech company, and more.

You get the idea. We've been exposed.

I recently got to spend time researching a new sector that includes property tech, real estate tech, modular homes, home automation, tiny homes, fintech products that will change the way we finance property and homes of the future.

What I found was mind blowing. There are some amazing startups, scale ups and products in this space that will completely change the way we live.

It's one of the last sectors to see mass disruption and that is exciting. So much so, that we decided to launch a free non-spammy monthly newsletter highlighting the amazing products, startups and ideas we come across in this space each month.

Read the 1st edition

The first edition dropped at the end of August 2017 and you can read it here.

Subscribe to Future Home

If you enjoyed the first edition, or if you are interested in this space I'd love you to subscribe to Future Home.

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