Django Developer Jobs & App Developer Jobs

We're looking for Australian based Django and native mobile app developers to work with us on startup and corporate projects on a contract basis.

Australian based Django, iOS & Android Developers

Launch Lab is an Australian web development business offering Django Application and Mobile Application development services to both startups and corporate clients.

We’re currently experiencing a large influx of new projects with the vast majority being for startups. We therefore have contract job opportunities for mid to senior weight Django, iOS (Swift) and Android developers.

These opportunities are only open to people who currently reside in Australia. This is really important. If you are NOT in Australia or are NOT an experienced Django or mobile application developer please do not contact us.

If you would like to find out more please contact us and provide either a CV or your LinkedIn profile and ideally your Github / BitBucket handle too.

You can read about our chosen technology stack, which includes Python / Django.

Are you a Django Developer in Australia?

If you feel that you fit the requirements above and would love to work with us on exciting startup projects, contact us.