Building scalable startups with
React.JS, Python / Django, AWS and more

The technologies we use to
develop web applications

We’ve built our business around startups so it makes sense that we have a framework, and technologies, that give us the edge when it comes to developing applications for startups.

At its core there are two aspects of our business that make for faster and more efficient startup development:

  • Our own internal development framework built on Django which makes for faster development meaning you get to market quicker
  • Our Launch Lab cloud servers, which are all containerised with Docker, making deployment and scaling more efficient

Our chosen technologies

Python / Django

Python is a programming language, while Django is a Python web development framework. Django is a web framework that makes it easier to build web apps more quickly and with less code. It is used by some of the largest websites in the world including Instagram, NASA, The Washington Post and many more.


ReactJS was made by Facebook for use on their own platform as well as on Instagram. We’re early adopters in a rapidly growing community of React.js developers in Australia. React was built to solve one problem: building large applications with data that changes over time.


All of our code is version controlled using Git with code repositories stored on BitBucket. If you're unsure of how this helps you as a non-technical startup founder, just know that the code is yours and can easily be accessed and transfered.


Docker is fairly new and has exploded in 2015. We were one of the first web development companies in Australia to dockerise everything from the very beginning. Docker ensures that we use hardware efficiently, everything is portable and deployment is fast and efficient.


Deis is Platform-as-a-Service (Paas). Used with Docker it makes perfect sense for startups and corporate websites that need to scale rapidly. Plus it makes deployment an absolute breeze. Again, we’re one of the first web development companies in Australia to embrace Deis and are happy to discuss Deis implementation with other Australian startups wanting to use it. Oh, and an extra special shoutout to them for putting our logo on the homepage of their website. Thanks Gabe!


We use Swift to develop native iPhone and iPad applications.


"Serverless" computing took enormous steps forward in 2016 with the launch of AWS Lambda in Amazon's Sydney datacentre, and the advent of tools such as and Serverless framework. is used in production by companies around the world, including banks and Fortune 100 companies. It allows us to combine the strengths of Django and the benefits of serverless computing to deliver affordable solutions to clients which can scale to the size of Twitter without skipping a beat.

HTML, CSS and Javascript

We especially like responsive frameworks like Bootstrap for minimum viable products to help us get to market quicker. We also use tools like Less, Sass and Grunt.js as part of our front-end web development service


The websites we develop as well as the applications we build are all hosted on Amazon Web Servers, the worlds leading cloud infrastructure provider.

The right technology stack for your startup

If any, or all, of the technologies above mean nothing to you that’s ok. We actually expect it as we often work with startup founders who are non-technical.

They bring disruptive ideas and clever insights into certain industries, or very clever distribution models to the table. We bring technical and strategic skills to the table providing the perfect foundations to launch and rapidly scale startups.

Startup Developers

If you are planning on launching a startup or new web application for your company we'd love to hear from you.