Startup case study - The Recruitment Well

The relationship that we have built with Shaun and his team has enabled us to deliver on the promises we make to our customers. Most importantly, we've found them to always be genuine and professional and they've added significant value to our business through their consultative and holistic approach.
Chris Goulas, TRW

Product Overview

TRW is a 2 sided recruitment marketplace in Australia (specifically Melbourne to start with). It enables hiring managers to connect with relevant recruitment agents. It also facilitates the entire recruitment process.

The marketplace is restricted to Melbourne for the launch phase and recruiters have to go through a vetting process before being able to join in order to maintain the quality of the service.

Startup Services

From product management through to web development, here are the startups services we provided to TRW:

  1. Product management
    Using the initial brief as a starting point, we worked with TRW to determine the ideal mix of features and how each feature would function, both technically and in terms of user experience. We then quickly moved to prototyping so that the founders could get a feel for what the interface, and user journeys, would look like.
  2. Frontend development
    While version one of TRW is a full product offering with many features, we looked at ways of keeping the initial cost as lean as possible. We decided to use the Startup Framework for the frontend. While this did save time and money there was still a considerable amount of frontend work to do for the dashboard. This was completed by our close friends at Creatio.
  3. Backend development
    We built a content management system for the marketing website to ensure TRW can edit text and images themselves.We also developed the software and implemented the Pin Payments payment gateway. The CMS also includes a reporting feature so TRW can monitor payments and manage the business, plus it enables them to vet and onboard recruiters directly from the CMS.
  4. Referral program
    TRW wanted to implement a referral program to facilitate growth. We helped them scope this out and determine how it would work. Existing TRW users can now add the referral feature to their account and earn money from referrals they make. People who are not TRW users can also register for the referral program. We also added a sophisticated referral program management feature to the CMS so that TRW can manage the referral program themselves directly from the CMS.


The software was developed using Python / Django and is hosted on AWS EC2 servers. The frontend was created using the Startup Framework, which is built on the popular Bootstrap frontend framework.

Set For Growth

The Recruitment Well are currently growing the marketplace in Melbourne, the city where they are based. It's an ideal strategy to test a marketplace and ensures they can meet new clients face-to-face and react quickly to any issues that arise while proving the business model and determine the features that are most important to their users. Once this has been determined they are in a position to expand nationally.

The system has been built in a way that as soon as they are ready to expand, they can start marketing the product in all Australian cities and towns.

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