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Shaun Symm

We have experience developing websites, apps and digital solutions for large financial institutions, advertising agencies, government, social movements and startups. I'll personally manage your project from start to finish.


Web Developers
Sydney & Canberra

Launch Lab offers both frontend (React) and backend custom website development (Python / Django) as well as AWS hosting, infrastructure and server management. We work with marketing departments and product managers to develop websites, chatbots, landing pages, competitions, CMS, blogs and other digital products.

All of our web development work is done in Sydney and Canberra by senior Australian web developers.

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Front-end and Back-end web developers
in Sydney & Canberra

Launch Lab offers front-end and back-end web application development services as well as hosting and server management. We're happy to work with your existing teams, whether they are designers or developers themselves, or work on end-to-end projects ourselves. Here are some of the technologies and services we offer:

Web Design

Python / Django Development

React.js Development

AWS Server Setup & Maintenance

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Rest API Builds

Swift iOS Development

Machine Learning

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