ICV Not-For-Profit Website Case Study

It’s been a pleasure working with you and your team. Thanks for being patient and flexible with us.
Mien Nguyen, ICV
The website is looking awesome, you and your team have done a great job.
Stef Kessler, General Manager - Supporter Engagement

Project Overview

ICV is a community driven non-for-profit organisation based in Canberra. They work with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people to build brighter futures. ICV approached us to overhaul their existing website, which had become outdated and needed a complete design, development and user experience overhaul.

Project Methodology

Working with ICV, we changed the information architecture and the design of the website to be more minimal, easier to find important pages, and we implemented a design style that made consuming content on the site much easier. Our focus for this web design project included:

Minimal Web Design

To ensure a good reading experience for the user the website design style focuses on white space balanced with large images from ICV's library of vibrant images as well as bright buttons used to highlight calls to action. The layout also breaks text areas in to bite size chunks giving focus to important text blocks. The website is responsive, ensuring a great user experience is had whatever device is being used.

Fast Page Load

A great user experience doesn't end with the user interface. All of the websites we develop are optimised for fast page load speeds. This ensures the web pages load quickly to ensure a good experience for the user, plus search engines like Google use page load speed as an SEO ranking factor.

Custom CMS

The content management system has been developed specifically for ICV's needs using the Django web development framework. This ensures it isn't bloated and provides ICV with exactly the tools they need to support their own website.


The website and content management system was developed using Python / Django and is hosted on AWS EC2 servers. If you're not sure what this means and why the chosen technology for your website is important, please ask us. We're always happy to discuss Django, other frameworks as well as the many options open to you when designing and developing a new website.

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